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This  program aims at upgrading the academic level of the financial and banking sector employees who hold Bachelor Degree through access master's degree in banking and finance adapting theoretical financial and banking knowledge to practical experiences and skills using the latest educational and technical methods in banking and financial fields.
The program which is being held since 2003 in accordance with the academic affiliation and cooperation agreement is distinguished by its integrated curriculum which comprises specialized courses covering many aspects of finance and banking in the light of world banking and financial developments. In order to provide our Jordanian financial and banking sector with cadres holding MA Degree in Banking and Finance and have skills, abilities and theoretical as well as practical education which contribute effectively to improve their job performance each in his own specialization.



Joining the master's program offered by the institute, affected me, both on my academic and professional paths.  Whereas I was pleased to join one of the best academic programs specialized in finance in the Kingdom, to receive the appropriate knowledge and skill from the best faculty members with academic and practical experiences, which was a significant motivator to complete, a PhD in Financial Economics from the prestigious University of New Orleans in the United States of America.

Dr. Sarah Al-Talafha

We extend our sincere appreciation for the fruitful and continuous efforts exerted in your training programs conducted to Crown Middle East Can Company’s staff and also for the great and simple training style which impacted the performance of the participant employees. We would be delighted to continue our training cooperation in the future through training programs that meet the technical needs of the company’s different departments.

Mohammad Alsha'lan

We have nothing to say but thank you for the great cooperation and distinguished efforts made in the training of our bureau’s staff and developing their qualifications and performance. We look forward to continuing this great training cooperation in the future and we wish you a continued success.

Hisham Abdullah

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