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About us

About us

Within the Central Bank of Jordan efforts aimed at promoting and developing human cadres of the banking and financial sector and advance their scientific and practical abilities ; These efforts culminated in the creation of the Institute of Banking Studies in accordance with Article (37) Paragraph (d) of the Central Bank of Jordan Law and in accordance with the Institute’s Article of Association No. (69) issued on 1970 and its later amendments . The Institute  was officially inaugurated on October 9, 1971.
IBS, as the training arm of the banking sector in Jordan, is managed by a unique blend of Board of Directors, headed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan and membership of four representatives of banking and financial institutions in addition to the Secretary General/Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and representative of the University of Jordan.
IBS Premises (headquarters) located in Amman and in the branches of the Institute in the branches of the Central Bank of Jordan in Irbid and Aqaba. 

Vision & Mission


Pioneering in training, occupational and banking development on the local and regional level.


  • Raising the efficiency of human resources in the Jordanian banking and financial sectors to meet the training and development needs.
  • Applying the highest quality standards in designing and implementing training programs.
  • Providing training programs that keep pace with global developments and developments in the financial and banking sector, and cooperating with specialized institutions.
  • Enhancing the beneficiaries’ confidence in the institute’s services.


Core values:

  • Customer Centricity.
  • Innovation.
  • Teamwork.
  • Proficiency.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Sustainability.

Institute development

At the beginning of the nineties, the institute witnessed a new shift, embodied in the establishment of a permanent headquarters for the institute in the area of ​​Tla’ Al-Ali, one of the suburbs of the capital, Amman. This is in addition to a main hall for conference purposes. There are two branches of the institute, one in Irbid and the other in Aqaba. In order to generalize the Institute's academic and training services to all parts of the Kingdom.

In an effort from the Institute’s management to generalize the benefit derived from its training and academic activities, the Institute of Banking Studies’ management has, until the end of 2014, expanded the Institute’s training and academic umbrella to include, in addition to the Central Bank of Jordan, licensed banks operating in Jordan, lending institutions, ministries, financial institutions, and specialized financial institutions. Private investment, Amman Financial Market institutions, brokerage and investment companies, the General Organization for Social Security, insurance and exchange companies, and a number of development institutions and non-governmental institutions working in the field of financing small projects and developing rural communities in various regions of the Kingdom.
In addition to allowing all interested persons from different sectors to participate in all training activities held by the Institute and at their own expense.